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Label layout making automation

Several times a month I would get a job to make a barcode labels layout. These labels are needed in the case when we deliver books packed to a batch containing 3-5 books. Each packet have to be marked by a label containing ¬†publisher’s name, author’s name, the book title, ISBN barcode and a quantity number of books in the packet.

Every time you were up to 10 different book titles and this job took about 30-45 minutes even having the InDesign template job and using the advanced InDesign DataMerge feature. Continue reading

The new softcover books automation compatible with Preps 6 and 7

The new release of the softcover book automation HLine 2.1 is available.

What is new:

Compatibility with Preps 6 and 7;

There is no need to keep prepared Preps jobs. The system is self-sufficient and generates complete Preps jobs.

Added columns for press sheet size in the jobs table.

Enables to save properties and clear the log in the application. Continue reading

Kodak Preps ‘$autoselect’ feature enables to bypass the user interface

When I was thinking about moving the imposition process from Kodak Preps 5 to Preps 6, I was concerned about how easy I would remake my automation system, I’d developed before, to the new Preps job specification.
The Kodak’s idea to merge Preps job and template data together into an one file shocked me a little bit and absolutely didn’t meet the concept of my system. It threatened to a lot of coding, much more than it was before. Continue reading